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This Exhibition is about people who fought, suffered and died equally in WW1, but are not equally remembered. It will&xnbsp;start on the 28th&xnbsp;of September&xnbsp;and&xnbsp;ends on the 25th&xnbsp;of November 2018 in Gent.&xnbsp; The Invisible Heroes Exhibition will create consciousness about the unknown stories of African Soldiers and their contribution in WW1. It will&xnbsp;show: Relevant physical objects relating to the war and the forgotten soldiers. The exhibition will&xnbsp;include:

  • 1.&xnbsp;Interesting and under exposed fact of History
  • 2. Audio visual materials
  • 3.&xnbsp;Insights into WWI
  • 4.&xnbsp;Public program
  • 5.&xnbsp;Seminar&xnbsp;and Presentation
  • &xnbsp;